Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday -- Ten of Swords (reversed)

Every Tuesday I select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you?

Each Wednesday I choose one reader's comment from Intuitive Tuesday and pull an additional card for more clarity...so check back on Wednesday (tomorrow) to see what cards come up.

Today's card is Ten of Swords (reversed), which when its in its upright position signifies the end of the cycle and possibly being stabbed in the back. Yes, on the card there are ten swords being projected towards the collapsed man's back. OUCH!

Luckily in its reversed position (upside-down), this card means that the worst is over. It is reminiscent of Intuitive Tuesday two weeks ago when The Tower (reversed) came up. The Ten of Swords (reversed) indicates that the worst is over and you are ending one cycle to begin another.

Perhaps this similar message is given again to confirm what you felt two weeks ago when the Tower Reversed appeared. It is over and it's time to move on.

In other words, leave your problems behind and move forward. You are ready to break habits or patterns that have been self-defeating and adopt new attitudes about you and your life. Swords indicate an intellectual standpoint, so check your thoughts and see what messages are playing through your head.

Sit quietly today and reflect on where and how you may have experienced the Ten of Swords (feeling as though you've been stabbed in the back) recently. Release yourself of the burden of carrying these hurts further by letting go of the blame and resentments about what happened. Turn to a higher power for assistance in this and ask for direction and patience as you move forward.

It's time to move on...aren't you glad?


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Someone just left a comment on my blog that bothers me for its presumptuousness and judgment. I am turning somersaults in my mind of all the ways I'd LIKE to respond.

Bottom line is, though, why does it trigger me? Why did I feel an "ouch" from someone who ostensibly is a stranger (can't really tell, though, because although she signed her name, there is no link -- a named "Anonymous").

I am checking my thoughts and examining the messages I have in my head. Looking inward as well as outward (where I SO want to poke back.)

Asking for assistance, direction and patience.

MentorTAZ said...

The worst is over? YAY! Though I haven't felt like I was betrayed or stabbed in the back I am beginning to feel a bit "misled". My son connected me with a girl that works at a University in the area that is hiring admissions representatives. She asked for my resume` and assured me I was/am a "shoe-in". Since then her boss has been fired and she "hates her job" and so is looking to quit. It has been three weeks since I gave her my resume`. I haven't heard anything from anyone but her. She still assures me they will contact me "eventually". I am baffled as I have had nothing but positives coming through Spirit surrounding this opportunity. I surrender to divine timing.

Jamie said...

I had a situation with a co-worker last week that really ruffled my feathers. When I see him now, I can feel myself get defensive and my hair stand on end.

This is pretty much a standing relationship with he and I. I need to let go of my own defensiveness and see him for what he is. I believe it to be insecurity. I've got to stop letting his own insecurities affect my life.

Cindy B said...

What an appropriate card for today!!! I am about to embark on a 90 day life changing event. Through Silpada Designs I have become part of a group of women who will be undergoing an intense 90 day team coaching exercise. Ironically, those who "stabbed" me in the back gave me the opportunity to have this amazing growth opportunity!

Mad Hatter said...

Oh, goodness do I ever hope this is true - that my seemingly endless cycle is over one way or another. As you know, I've been feeling stabbed in the back by mother nature. Being patient with the universe is definitely in order. Thank you for sharing this card!

Kim said...

Just last Thursday I had a booth at a Psychic Fair offering Tarot Coaching readings and I had totally expected a very busy day! I had planned for it; feeling like my intuition had guided me to this event – HA! Well – in 10 hours I did 3 readings and one of them was for my friend who had come to help me manage the expected crowd.
There was a moment where I actually thought that it was my “intuition” that represented the swords in my back – because I really had had no doubt that it would be a successful day – and I had totally envisioned and felt what that would be like.
What I realize as I look at this card and the meaning is that “I” was the one NOT really listening to myself – thereby stabbing myself in the back (BIG OUCH), hoping instead that what I perceived as possible potential would come to be. In my mind it made total sense that there would be lots of people there who would rather be supported in “creating” their future versus having it “predicted” for them. Well this may be true – but to think that I was going to find them at a Psychic Fair was delusional of me. One of the main rules in coaching is to meet people exactly where they are – and the people at the psychic fair were in a place where they wanted and expected someone to “predict” their future - not to coach them to create it. I laugh now because it’s so obvious – but I spent months thinking it was a good idea and feeling like my intuition was feeding me images and feelings of what was to come.
There was much for me to learn this day – and I’m still in the process of writing a blog post about it – on many levels. In that sense – yes it was definitely a successful day. Actually I’ve decided that it was a success – just not in the way I envisioned –and I always love a surprise!
I wanted to share this here because Sheri knew I was going to be doing this event - tarot and coaching are common passions we share. As it turns out this week’s card is so perfect!!! I now feel that this was the kick in the keyster to have me “listen” to me! Sheri – One thing I feel “intuition” did do was bring you into my life as a support during this experience. Love Kim

excavator said...

I'm still perplexed by the "It's over" message...this one, and the one from 2 weeks ago.

Well, the remodel is nearly over; but I'm not sure this is what is being referred to by the 10 of swords (funny in these last several weeks the number of reversed cards and swords!)

Interesting that I was feeling angry about something yesterday and a memory of an underhanded make-wrong attempt came to mind. So that's a kind of 'back-stabbing', but that was some time ago. So I doubt if the card refers to that.

Also, in regards to the remodel, we had a very uncomfortable interaction with a neighbor who not only hates the color we chose to paint, but wants us to compensate her by buying screening and buffering plants! I felt badly about it at first until other neighbors shared that she's a bit of a crank and we really should pay her no mind. So I doubt if the card refers to that.

And the BIG issue in my life still feels very unresolved.


I liked Kim's remark above about the difference between inviting someone to support them in creating their future vs having it predicted for them.

suzicremecheeze said...

Thanks Sheri! I can always use the reminder! I am leaving all that negative stuff behind me and moving forward with a big smile on my face.

Furrow said...

You know, I'm glad your deck is all upside down. Seems better that way.

An old coworker with whom I silently didn't get along -- and who is a major drama queen, though a few other coworkers (sickeningly) worship the ground she walks on -- came back yesterday in a very short term very part time position. Our days will overlap by a 1/2 hour, and I've been gritting my teeth and expecting the worst. I suppose I should let that go because she really can't hurt me. She is in the midst of starting a new career, and I should wish the best for you. I can only hurt myself by projecting an icy chill in the office.

Also, I'm counting down the days until my ultrasound next Tuesday. I have almost no symptoms, so I'm afraid something might be wrong (despite being a no drama mama :). But I have an 80-85% chance that everything is right. The worst is over? I hope so.

Bonnie said...

I do have a feeling this week of moving forward. I felt kind of stuck this summer in fear and anxiety about a lot of things. I've been feeling much more optimistic and stronger within myself. I think part of my pulling back on posting on my blog was that I wasn't feeling trustful of relationships around me and didn't really feel comfortable sharing my life with them. I now have a sense that I'm ready to enjoy my blog again and move on!