Monday, October 19, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- Expansive Views

A couple of weeks ago, my DH (dear hubby) and I took a day trip to Moab, Utah. My husband loves to explore and he loves the wilderness.

He loves reading maps, stopping along the highway to read a Historical Marker and on this trip, he insisted on taking a highway we had never been on before...which means we took a beautiful back road to Moab.

Since we were alone (all kids had other plans -- darn! :) ) we had some great "date" time. You know, the time when you get to talk in complete sentences about more than logistics of who will get which child where, when.

We sat at the outdoor patio of a delicious pizza restaurant and had a great conversation about each other, our lives, our hopes and dreams -- and about nothing at all. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

On our way home, we headed to Dead Horse Point (a Utah State Park), parked at the Visitor's Center, and hiked on a trail along the cliffs. The views were breathtaking...and I loved our easy conversation and even periods of comfortable silence as we hiked along the trail.

The picture above, although quite beautiful, does not do justice to how spectacular the views are in Utah.

It was a Perfect Moment with my adorable husband in Utah.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

How truly wonderful and perfect. You make me want to get into my car with my DH and just go. And talk.

I'm glad you had the chance to do this, and I hope you get many more.

Anonymous said...

This is DH, loved that trip too and can't wait to go on another one.

Kami said...

How wonderful! The picture may not capture it well, but I still felt my body relax just a bit with the beauty of it.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents lived in Arizona for 25 years. I know those beautiful views all too well.

Quiet Dreams said...

Just seeing that view in person would be enough--all the other stuff...amazing.

Bonnie said...

I'm so happy for you that you had that special time with your hubby. Utah is so beautiful.

Furrow said...

What an incredible vista! Glad you got some quality time with the hubs.