Friday, October 16, 2009

Together We Can Make Beautiful Music

In listening to the Wayne Dyer book on CD called, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling, he has repeated a message several times that comes from the peace prayer of St. Francis, "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace."

As I hear this quote, I feel an opening of my soul to surrender and allow God's spirit to move through me. Any will that I apparently have or claim, is simply an illusion, a meager attempt at feeling that I have ANY control over things in my life.

Not to say I am helpless. My strength comes from realizing the power of divine energy and opening to it (no blocks, obstacles, dis-empowering beliefs, etc.).

It's when I get in the way that things get messy. At its core, it is a change of perspective. How I view my role in this has a significant impact on how I experience it. And when we're talking about the "it" being my life, the shift can be profound! I believe in the prayer, St. Francis is asking for the consciousness and faith to gain this perspective.

Today I heard someone use the metaphor of being an instrument of God. That is, be God's instrument and play divine music with your entire soul.

Just as an instrument (piano, clarinet, drum, guitar, etc.) doesn't care what is played, it simply uses its design, its unique characteristics and its entire being to create music. And yet, the instrument is silent until divine energy moves through it.

It's important too, to decide which instrument you'd like to be. Although I play the piano and the clarinet and I sing, today I have selected the harp because I love its beautiful, peaceful flowing sound, especially when played by a master!

How is your life like an instrument? If you could choose, which instrument would you select and why?

Today, select your instrument, consciously open to the divine and pause to listen to the beautiful music.

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Lori Lavender Luz said...

I love this thought not only because it calls me to BE my instrument, but also because it calls me to play with all the other instruments in the orchestra.