Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Intuitive Tuesday -- The Moon

Every Tuesday, I'll select one tarot card and give you my interpretation of it. See how it applies to your life. What messages are here for you? Please add comments to enhance the messages for other people in the Wild Women Community and to share how this applies to you.

Each week, I'll choose one reader's comment and pull an additional card for more clarity...so check back to see what cards come up.

The Moon deals with those things that lie beneath the surface -- your instincts, your subconscious and the collective unconscious. The Moon indicates that you have something just beneath the surface that is waiting to emerge. You feel it there, but for some reason have not invited it to "center stage."

You may feel the urgent need to know what it is, and at the same time, feel that it is just as important not to know...because once you know, then you may need to do something about it.

The Moon card may indicate a period of uncertainty and possibly self-deception. Some days you feel confident and KNOW, and other days you are unsure and shaky. There may be a temptation to "figure it out" using your logic, but realize that The Moon is encouraging you to tap into your intuitive voice.

This is a card of imagination and fantasy. If you can't quite figure it out, possibly make up a story and see how the leading character figures out how to handle it. Sometimes it's easier to see things clearly when you step out of the leading role. From this vantage point, what is there for you now?


Cindy B said...

Hello Miss Sheri!

Well the moon card says it well with the fascillating between knowing that I have a handle on this new business venture to having days like yesterday when I kept thinking "What the heck am I doing???" I received a call from a head hunter and will call her back just to keep options open. The question of the day "Do I work for myself or someone else?"

Bonnie said...

You just keep pulling these cards for me (just kidding) but every week seems to relate to me especially this one. As we've talked about there is something just below the surface. I keep trying to use logic to figure it out but I know I need to use my heart and my gut..

Unknown said...

Amazing, and I appreciate your interpretation. It've very much like what I decided the Moon was telling me on Saturday night when it was the first card I drew for a Celtic Cross, full-moon spread. I'll be eager to see the follow-up card!

Lori Lavender Luz said...

It's interesting that the Full Moon was just a couple of nights ago.

I love that it's such a mystery, yet it also illuminates the night sky.

"The Moon card may indicate a period of uncertainty and possibly self-deception. Some days you feel confident and KNOW, and other days you are unsure and shaky."

This is the part that spoke to me about my current project. It's such a weird see-saw ride.

Laura Rose said...

Today was the first tele-class with 8 students in Grand Rapids, Michigan on the topic of "Staying Grounded and Centered in the Midst of Chaos."

Teaching these energy tools via teleconferencing is a new experience for me and thanks to you, Sheri, I took your suggestion and acted upon it.

So far the feedback is positive and enthusiastic!

And the mystery of life continues to unfold!

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Luckenbach Moon - Hondo Crouch

Nuthin' much happened in Luckenbach this month,
'Cept the potato chip man came by.
And then there was the moon...
We try to tell folks who come here to look at our town,
What a big, mean moon we have,
But nobody'll believe it...
And last night it showed off
The greatest ever...

It just hung there, darin' you to look at it...
Makin' silhouettes into things and things came alive.
It even shined plumb to the bottom of the canyon, under bluffs,
And plopped dark doughnuts 'round the bottom of the trees on top of the mountain.
It's a kind of moon that makes haunted houses uglier,
And ugly girls prettier...
And little old animals see farther and feel closer together.
Brave weeds rose up to look 'round for lawn mowers...

Grandpa sat up in bed and said, "What's that?"
And the hair on Grandma's legs stood on end.
He said, "On moon brite nites like this,
Big eyed deer tip-toe into larger openings and dance better
'Cause they can see where the rocks are at"
And their prancin' gets fancier and freer
'Cause they know man's not there to dampen the dance.
This kind of moonshine makes you crazy, they say,
If you sleep in it.
But I think you're crazy not to try it.

Momma slept with the baby to protect it
And I flounced in bed even in a thick rock house...
When I went outside to see what was the matter,
Somethin' scared cold chills up my back.
Everything was standin' at attention over new shadows...
Then what was that that moved?
Just probably a nuthin!

A big full moon is like a person,
It needs help to show off...
And last nite all the clouds stayed home on purpose to create a great solo.
We can't stand an encore!
Takes too much out of you...

Those who saw the moon said they could smell it,
And one said it tasted like sin
And the quietness at the park side road was deafenin'...
And the little single couple sittin' there
Touched the backs of their hands together.
Scare Me!

We've been tellin' strangers who come to Luckenbach 'bout our moon,
But I know they won't believe we have such a big moon
For such a small town...

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Here is the video link on yout.ube with the poet, Hondo Crouch reciting the poem, Luckenbach Moon. It definitely brings this poem to life.


Terra said...

your second to last paragraph had a sentence in it that described little ole me to a T.

Unknown said...

Yes its the right thing,I love the moon that bring us to think in the diper level,allt of emotions.


Sheri said...

I pulled the additional card in response to Cindy B's comment/question. As I read through it, there seems to be a good message for all of us.

The card I pulled was the Tower (reversed). When people see this card, it can feel scary because it shows a tower, breaking in half, on fire with people falling out of the tower towards the ground.

In its upright position, The Tower can signify a swift, shocking change. In its reversed position, it can signify that the major shock is over and you are now trying to "put humpty-dumpty back together again."

The Tower (reversed) gives you a warning to be cautious. Like an earthquake, there may still be some aftershocks. The world as you knew it has shifted and you don't trust the ground you are standing on.

Even though it feels safe to keep lots of doors open, this is also what is keeping you from moving any further down the path and re-establishing solid ground.

Think of coming to a fork in the road. As you try to walk forward you may try to keep one foot on each path so you don't really have to decide.

But there will come a time when you MUST make a choice or your legs will be so wide-spread that you will not be able to move forward at all. In fact, you will be stuck.

The Tower (reversed) means that things are still unfolding, but now is the time to narrow the field and make some choices.

Cindy B, what does that mean in relationship to your question of working for yourself or for someone else? Until you decide where you are going, it will be hard to determine what your next step should be. It may feel like you are playing it safe and keeping options open, but you may be staying stuck by not deciding.

Maybe it's time to pick a path, commit and move forward.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Well, now I'm inspired. I'm going to make a call I've been dreading.

I'm committing. Here I go.

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks Sheri. So illuminating for me and where I'm at right now.