Monday, May 25, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday -- World Tarot Day

I never knew there was a "World Tarot Day," but there is...and it's today! What a great topic for Perfect Moment Monday!

As stated on the site, the purpose of this day is:

To promote Tarot use as a tool for self-examination, spirituality, and other self-aide methods of guidance. And to have at least one day to celebrate, share, and stimulate our love of the Tarot tool with each other, and to think about what we can 'give to' instead of what we can 'take from', the Tarot Community.

I have been reading tarot cards for almost ten years. When I first had my cards read, I had mixed emotions because I somehow felt it was not in line with my Christian upbringing. I didn't know that much about tarot cards and worried that they may be dark, somehow.

What I learned is that ignorance can be deceiving. What I didn't know about using tarot cards, I was making up. Once I had my cards read, I realized that it wasn't dark, evil or un-Christian. Having my cards read was a way to help me tap into what I already knew, ground myself and find my own answers. It wasn't fortune telling, but more a way to tap into an emotional slice of what was happening in my life.

Since then I have learned more about tarot cards and know that they are simply a tool to help people tap into their intuition and gain insight.

The important thing for me to remember is that it's the intention behind how the tool is used that is most important.

So here's to World Tarot Day! May you find a way to tap into your intuitive voice and find peace.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

I like the part about giving rather than taking.

Happy World Tarot Day to you!

PerfectMomentProject said...

So how shall we celebrate World Tarot Day?
Hmm.... I think I'll have a BBQ. Maybe look for Tarot interpretations in the grill marks on my chicken.
Seriously, any tool that helps with self-examination is a useful tool .. and one of the many in the toolbox.
Have a great Tarot/Memorial Day.

Arwen said...

I love your World Tarot Day post! And the BBQ idea is just wonderful. LOL

Alana said...

How neat! :)

Bonnie said...

Happy World Tarot Day! I really didn't know much about them before reading your blog. You use them do to so much good... I love the new blog look!